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About Photography / Student Jonathon Reed22/Male/Canada Groups :iconlefthandedartists: LeftHandedArtists
With a common uncommonness.
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i've realized i miss you most in the summer. when we were together, we belonged to the cold; trees would lose their leaves, winter winds would blow, but the summer was ours. it was a time when we could leave essays and exams behind and start dreaming. a time for stargazing and raindancing and treeclimbing. for the wild. for us.
i feel so out of place. in the light of a bonfire or the wind of a highway, i find myself thinking: you would have loved this. and i get lost in memories of running through a subway station, reaching for lights across the dark ocean or swinging by a lake and dangling our feet in the stars.
this has always been a season of early sunrises and fast-moving clouds. of picking strawberries and meeting strangers. i thought june would last forever.
but it's august. and back then, whenever i drove home at midnight or walked across the city at dawn, you were by my side. you feel far away from me, and listening to your music doesn't bring you any closer. i mi
:iconjonathoncomfortreed:jonathoncomfortreed 27 5
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For Sarah, Forever Ago
I worked the midnight shift last night. It was the sort of night where you body feels so heavy that your mind just starts floating away.  I was exhausted, worn. Sleep reached for my heart like a vigilante reaching for a gun, and I couldn't stop thinking of you.
You filled my head with poetry.
I could write something beautiful, that it was a clear night and the stars were out, that the moon shone above me like a love song in the sky. But it wasn't. The clouds were low and heavy and the streetlights painted the sky orange.
It was the kind of night that makes you feel trapped. The kind when there's no one alive but you, no sound but your heartbeat, a wolf howling and a siren in the distance. The kind when I decided that the world isn't big enough for us. The nights that turn into sunrises – the sunrises that break apart the horizon and pull the breath from your lungs.
You know the nights I'm talking about.
The nights when the wind lashed our lips like we were sky-sailing to
:iconjonathoncomfortreed:jonathoncomfortreed 40 17
Ideas are bulletproof. by jonathoncomfortreed Ideas are bulletproof. :iconjonathoncomfortreed:jonathoncomfortreed 52 24 Canvas by jonathoncomfortreed Canvas :iconjonathoncomfortreed:jonathoncomfortreed 28 10 La vie des jeunes by jonathoncomfortreed La vie des jeunes :iconjonathoncomfortreed:jonathoncomfortreed 25 11

With a camera in my hands;
I love photography, and I always have. I strive to capture that "moment" and keep it forever.
And a pen behind my ear;
I'm a writer, focusing on short stories and poetry; I love to convey emotion with words.
A laptop in my bag;
I do a lot of experimentation with digital art and other technology. I like to learn new things.
And imagination in my heart.
Artistic expression comes to me like breathing. I couldn't live without it.

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Deep by erykucciola Deep :iconerykucciola:erykucciola 179 17 Bird in Flight by ProvenParadox Bird in Flight :iconprovenparadox:ProvenParadox 3 5
Daily Literature Deviations- December 20, 2009
Daily Lit Deviations for December 20th, 2009
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Deviations!
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“Shalott Revisited” by Dishonors
This particular poem is something
of a tribute to Tennyson's The Lady of
Shallot. It contains some oblique references
to Tennyson's beautiful work. It muses on
the passing of time and beauty and how,
ultimately, they blend together with the
same bleakness.
Featured by: TheBrassGlass

"Lucid Maybe" by LoveIsBroken
Enjoy this chock-full-of-imagery
piece, its soft tones and its ominous
Featured by: RunningBear5858

"Words" by Nocturnalypso
In this poem, the author compares
words and language to a beautiful, light
falling of snow. The form
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The Bird Watcher by gilad The Bird Watcher :icongilad:gilad 3,547 587 A Close Up on Music by JessieMyers A Close Up on Music :iconjessiemyers:JessieMyers 7 3
Roses never help
I picked up my keys and walked away.
"Latchkey?" you murmured as we passed another cliché
"Could you smile? You seem so sad."
Funny, I was talking to you, Cheshire; your smile was big enough for both of us.
"What if it hurts?" You asked
I laughed.
'I thought they said you were the crazy one, Cheshire."
You looked down and for once, your smile was what I always thought it would be.
'But what if it's a mistake?' I said, stealing the words from your candy flavoured mouth.
"The mistakes make everything come to life." This was the Cheshire I knew.
This was the Cheshire who would hurt me.
We were both lonely on Valentine's day.
'For you.' I said, placing dozens of roses in your arms.
"Why?" You laughed.
'It's Valentine's Day.'
"But roses don't help."
I nodded and plucked a thorn from a rose.
'Roses never help,' I said as I placed the thorn in your hand.
:iconharlequinngun:HarlequinnGun 17 26
After Fire by Godhelp After Fire :icongodhelp:Godhelp 17 7 Boy At The Waters by Godhelp Boy At The Waters :icongodhelp:Godhelp 1 0
I Don't Love You
It sucks.
It sucks to know what it feels like to fall in love.  And it sucks to know that what we have isn't love.  
It sucks to know that we won't last forever.  And it sucks that every time you tell me you love me I have to lie back.
I tried to ignore it because I knew it wasn't meant to be.  But this is nothing ordinary, it's not like I could pretend it wasn't there.  I'm the master of hiding things, but this I couldn't deny.  
But it sucks to know it.  It sucks to pretend like I really believe we could make it somewhere.
It's like an act every day... I don't have to pretend that I really like you... that much is the truth.
But I don't love you.
And it sucks.
:iconemo-black-cat:emo-black-cat 18 51
In the early hours, when he is still asleep, she begins counting the tiny black and white tiles plastered to the ceiling of their flat. Some are chipped, some are covered by a layer of dust, and some are not tiles at all, but cockroaches in disguise. By 143 he has stretched his arms and kissed her neck, by 206 he has tied his shoes and lit a cigarette, and by 262 he's always gone. She knows that the smell of coffee will dissipate by 329 and that if she can bother getting out of bed to call her worried mom for once, or even just go to the damn bathroom, he will be back by 2338.
If she counts slowly.
Sometimes, late at night, when she has named all of the constellations she knows without the familiar sound of his second-hand car pulling into their garage, she likes to sit and ponder, with a bottle of Jack Daniels, where she went wrong. She wonders if by living here with him she's wasting away the best years of her life, years she could have spent at college in order to get a job and b
:icondibujando:Dibujando 365 97
We are the Word Thieves
We writers are criminals.
But we are the best kind of criminals.
We steal words.
We'll never be punished, for we are always needed. Whether through the speech of ever deceitful humans, or through the mute tongues of print and screen, we will always be there, working our many-pronged magic. Our swords are constantly out, skewering towards the alphabet with such regularity that the words stand proud, only to bow to our will, bleeding emotion to our clients.
For we are the Word Thieves, and the words are our quarry.
Even if the censors come and try to clamp us down, we'll disappear into the shadows and reveal our true beauty. It is here we show how we don't need a wave from a wand or a wish from the human mind to transform into our heart's desires, when all the answers can be written in a twist of a pen.
And when we transform, we rule Heaven and Earth.
We are the pirates that traverse the word-filled seas, setting sail with the wind and waves. Through storm and sun, our sail is splashed w
:iconjulietcaesar:julietcaesar 91 128
Happy by leobattistella Happy :iconleobattistella:leobattistella 10 4 Touching the light by butaforis Touching the light :iconbutaforis:butaforis 33 9 Waiting by Godhelp Waiting :icongodhelp:Godhelp 4 1
[We would play a game of naming diseases]
          ‘Anorexia Nervosa’
“Bipolar Disorder”
          ‘Carpal Tunnel’
“Fanconi Anemia”
“Huntington’s Disease”.
“Love,” you said, it was the sound of poison.
[I would kiss you, just to prove your point; you were the world’s most beautiful disease.]
30th February
[tattoo a diseased wishing star wherever I have a scar]
We spent midnight and morning on the rooftops, downing soda and l
:iconharlequinngun:HarlequinnGun 38 40
Nelayan by Godhelp Nelayan :icongodhelp:Godhelp 4 3
Art means a lot more to me than people think.

It's that reminder that there's something more. Something worth living for.
Something worth dreaming about.

There's only us.
There's only this.
Forget, regret.
Or life is yours to miss.

No other path.
No other way.
No day like today.
– Rent



Jonathon Reed
Artist | Student | Photography
If you ask me, art is about a whole lot more than dropping into a gallery every now and then or downloading retro desktop wallpapers for your laptop. It’s about falling in love and falling apart. Creating and believing. It’s about your heart beating in your chest and maybe your eyes getting a little wet.

I love it all. Vintage photography and lomo editing. Typography. Classic literature. Philharmonic orchestra. Ballet and breakdancing. Graffiti. Watercolour and oil painting.

I don’t really think of myself as an artist. Just another human being a little lost in the world.

My family:
:heart: WanderingHere and ProvenParadox

Artistic things:


What a fascinating picture! This is a really great capture – it fills me with a sense of both awe and inferiority, and that sort of con...

Well I saw that *cherrichan13 had posted a critique so I wasn't going to write one. But I've realised that I have points that she didn'...

:faint: This is very, very well done. I had my doubts when I saw how long it was, but I really enjoyed reading and critiquing it. Very intrig...

Interesting picture. You live in Australia? I like the idea of trying to capture your hometown's "true face," and this is a nice way of...

Offering critiques —

— for anyone needing constructive feedback on their artwork. I love to help out any artists in need of advice and ideas, so here is your chance! Just ask.

:note: Send a note or just leave a comment on my profile!


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